• Maurice Stucke

ZDNet Cites Maurice Stucke

In her November 16, 2017 article, “Big data and machine learning algorithms could increase risk of collusion: ACCC,” Tas Bindi discusses the research by Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice Stucke.  The ZDNet article is available here.


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Wired Quotes Maurice Stucke

Nitasha Tiku, in her January 5, 2018 article, “How to Curb Silicon Valley Power—Even With Weak Antitrust Laws,” quotes the Konkurrenz Group’s Maurice Stucke.  The Wired article is available here.

USA Today Quotes Maurice Stucke

In the article, “Hearing sought to air Amazon-Whole Foods antitrust issues,” Zlati Meyers of USA Today quotes the Konkurrenz Group’s Maurice Stucke. The July 17, 2017 article is available here.