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Big Data and Competition Policy


Big Data and Competition Policy is the first work to offer a detailed description of the important new issue of Big Data and explains how it relates to competition laws and policy, both in the EU and US. The book helps bring the reader quickly up to speed on what is Big Data, its competitive implications, the competition authorities' approach to data-driven mergers and business strategies, and their current approach's strengths and weaknesses. 

Written by two recognized leading experts in competition law, this accessible work offers practical guidance and theoretical discussion of the potential benefits (including data-driven efficiencies) and concerns for the practitioner, policy maker, and academic alike.

“This is pioneering scholarship of the highest order. It is not only a call to action, but also a blueprint for how to act ... a must-read for officials, practitioners, teachers, and students.”

- Alec J. Burnside, Dechert

"...a comprehensive new book examining the deep and reaching implications of platform and data monopolies."

- Julia Powles, The Guardian


“Stucke and Grunes have managed the near impossible; producing a study that is anchored in analysis and case law white being readable and accessible.”

- Phil Evans, Competition and Markets Authority

“Big Data and Competition Policy is likely to be the most provocative antitrust book to come out in a long time.”

- Donald I. Baker, Baker & Miller PLLC

“I can think of no other volume that offers so comprehensive and clear a picture of antitrust law in data-driven industries.”

- Frank Pasquale, University of Maryland Carey School of Law 

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