Competition Overdose

Using dozens of vivid examples to show how society overprescribed competition as a solution and when unbridled rivalry hurts consumers, kills entrepreneurship, and increases economic inequality, two free-market thinkers diagnose the sickness caused by competition overdose and provide remedies that will promote sustainable growth and progress for everyone, not just wealthy shareholders and those at the top.

Publishers Weekly's Top 10 List of forthcoming business and economics books

“This is a must read for anyone interested in how to use public policy to harness the competitive drive for the public good”

Chris Hughes, Facebook’s co-founder


“[Competition Overdose] is destined to transform how governments across the world think about the role competition in domestic and international policy for decades to come…Ezrachi and Stucke are the new rock stars of competition policy.”

Ali Nikpay, Partner, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher


“This book changes how you will view the role of the market in our economy and society at large.”

Spencer Weber Waller, Director, Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies & Justice John Paul Stevens Chair in Competition Law, Loyola University Chicago


“Should be required reading on every course in public policy.”

John Naughton, University of Cambridge