• Maurice Stucke

"Why the FTC Wants to Revisit Hundreds of Deals by Big Tech"

Wired's Gilad Edelman in his article on the powerful digital platforms' acquiring nascent competitive threats and the FTC's recent announcement of its revisiting some of those acquisitions, quoted Maurice Stucke:

"Maurice Stucke, an antitrust scholar and the coauthor of Big Data and Competition Policy, said he was encouraged by the fact that the FTC is including questions about how big firms are treating the data they acquire when they roll up smaller companies. 'Having that data can help Google or Facebook obtain or maintain dominance in other markets,' he said. 'And that has been lost on the agencies.'

'It’s noteworthy, but now the question is what do they do with it,' he added."

The February 12, 2020 article is available here.

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