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Maurice Stucke Participates in EU High Level Policy Hearing on Building a European Data Economy

The European Political Strategy Centre gathered a select group of leading international experts, including Maurice Stucke, to provide input to the ongoing public consultation on Building a European Data Economy’.

The other speakers were:

  1. Ciro Cattuto, Head of Data Science Laboratory, ISI Foundation,

  2. Aija Leiponen, Associate Professor, Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

  3. Gerald Spindler, Professor for Civil Law, Commercial and Economic Law, Comparative Law, Multimedia and Telecommunication Law, University of Goettingen,

  4. Peter Swire, Huang Professor of Law and Ethics, College of Business Georgia Institute of Technology, and

  5. Christiane Wendehorst, Professor of Law, University of Vienna

The hearing was facilitated by Ann Mettler, Head, European Political Strategy Centre, and Mario Mariniello, Digital Adviser to the European Political Strategy Centre.

A full transcript of the event will shortly be available here.

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